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Work with the Industry Leader Patrick Wind.
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We help motivated Marketers & Entrepreneurs to learn advanced Facebook & Instagram Ads!

The last 6 years I have been working closely with the Facebook & Instagram Algorithm and gained Unique Insights into their latest Strategies and Techniques to grow. Work with me and I can guarantee you will get the Maximum Value from your Facebook Ads Campaigns.



Strategic Deep-Dive into Targeting and Ad Breakdowns. Funnel-Dashboard for all Levels. Practical Action Plan.


Campaign Creation

Clear and scalable Campaign Structure and Preparation for International Growth.



Marketing Automation for efficient AB-Testing. Updates from the FB Headquarters & Daily Assistance


Seminars & Workshops

Education &

Millions of Ad Budget

Master of Science in Digital Marketing

Over the past 6 years I have spend over 2 million euro on successful Facebook Campaign with a Return of Ad Spend higher than 4.

Facebook Headquarters Network

Guest Lecturer at Vienna Business School

Benefit from top-edge know-how about the Facebook & Instagram algorithm directly from the Headquarters in Dublin.

Lecturer at Business Schools

Facebook Headquarters Network

Sharing my knowledge with motivated students and my old university is my greatest passion.

Master of Science in Digital Marketing

Millions of Ad Budget

Academic research combined with practical experience is one of the most powerful weapons in Digital Marketing.
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Facebook Blueprint Advertising Buying Professional:
Advanced-level competency in managing, creating and purchasing ads, ad buying types, improving performance and delivery via the ad auction, troubleshooting ad issues, and mapping ad formats to advertising objectives. Proficiency in audience targeting, Facebook reporting, mapping KPIs to buying objectives, understanding and testing the Facebook pixel and SDK, and leveraging consumer insights and the product catalog.

Facebook Blueprint Advertising Planning Professional:
Proficiency in planning strategies, understanding and learning from measurement solutions, and expertly tying Facebook products into a successful marketing and communication strategy. Competency in the skills, tools, advertising policies and best practices required to manage Facebook Pages and to create, purchase and manage Facebook ads. Advanced proficiency in selecting and using advertising objectives, targeting audiences for maximum impact.


Patrick Wind

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08003 Barcelona

+34 621 333 451

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